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On September 20, 1010, a group of neighbours in East Vancouver ran a workshop on the European Chafer Turf Pest and Lawn Alternatives for everyone in the Frog Hollow neighbourhood.  The project was funded by the Neighbourhood Small Grants Program, making the workshop completely free to everyone in the neighbourhood who chose to attend.


The purpose of the workshop was to educate interested neighbourhood residents on the pests, the damage they cause and prevention.  The workshop focused on building sustainable “Chafer-proof” landscape options through various alternative planting options such as groundcovers, food gardens and/or perennials.   At the end of the workshop we provided each neighbour with a pack of mixed flower, perennial or groundcover seeds from West Coast Seeds and coupons to GardenWorks to help ease the burden of re-landscaping the Chafer Turf Pest affected areas.


We hope that the project will beautify the neighbourhood, reduce the burden of the cost of repairs to our neighbours, and help build more environmentally sustainable landscape alternatives.


We’d like to send a BIG THANK YOU out to the following businesses who were kind enough to offer their services, expertise, and/or products to the neighbours:


West Coast Seeds

Acer Plants and Gardens Landscape Restoration Specialists since 1986 (604-716-4284)

Frog Hollow Neighbourhood House

This blog was created by the neighbours of Frog Hollow in East Vancouver as a place to post ongoing reference materials, links, and messages to others in the neighbourhood or those interested in Chafer Beetles and lawns.  Please contact us at if you have any information to share and please feel free to leave a comment.

Chafer Workshop Flyer

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